Marble Repair, Restoration & Cleaning

Marble Repair - Granite Quartz Restoration

Marble Repair, Restoration & Cleaning

Natural Marble is not as hard as Granite or Quartz and tends to stain/scratch very easily therefore will require repair and restoration after some time. Marble is more commonly used for vanities and fireplaces than in kitchens. If the Marble has become dull over time or gather dirt, we can re-polish the Marble surface to clean it and bring back the original shine. At CM Graniteworks, we not only perform these services, we can instruct you on the proper care you should use in maintaining your Marble.

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Granite and Quartz Repair

As Granite and Quartz become more popular options for kitchen, the frequency of calls we receive to repair these surfaces also increases. Granite and Quartz is one of the hardest materials for home interior and should not scratch, chip or crack during normal use - installation processes can by anything but typical. We commonly repair scratches, chips and cracks caused when large appliances were installed on or adjacent to counters during construction or remodelling.

Marble,Granite and Quartz Repair

Marble, Granite and Quartz tends to crack and chip. Usually in result of an accident. This is probably the most difficult damage to repair. Attempting such a difficult repair on your own can make the problem worse. It can possibly lead to permanent damage to your Marble, Granite or Quartz surface.
The severity of the crack in your Marble, Granite or Quartz surface will determine the best approach for repair.
There are several types of stone cracks, including hairline cracks, a fissure, a surface separation, and a full-thickness breaks. Hairline cracks are the least dangerous. In most cases, if left alone hairline cracks will not worsen or affect the stability of your stone. When separation cracks appear on Marble, Granite, Quartz surfaces, it can affect the stability of the stone surrounding the damaged area. Failing to address the problem can make it much worse.
Repairing Marble, Granite, Quartz cracks is something that usually is best left to the professionals. So why not give us a call?

We have been providing Marble, Quartz and Granite repairs around Dublin and surrounding counties for the last 16 years, and we have always delivered great results within an affordable budget. Please check our Google reviews for the peace of mind.

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Please be advised that in projects requiring renovating, modernising or upgrading your fireplace, kitchen worktop etc. with adding the new or extra stone pieces we will do whatever we can to match the stone colour to your existing pieces as close as possible. But please be aware that each slab of natural stone is unique so the new pieces might differ in shade or pattern due to the place of origin, different batch, stone age etc. Therefore we cannot guarantee an identical match. But we will always ask for your approval before commencing the required works and present you with stone samples or, in some cases, the pictures of the available stone slab.