Fireplace Restoration & Repair

Fireplace Repair and Restoration

Ensuring that your fireplace is well-maintained and free of defects is vital to continue enjoying its benefits. It will also guarantee your safety from accidental fire caused by damaged fireplace parts. When it comes to fireplace repair and restoration, we at CM Graniteworks Fireplace Repairs are the best ones you can find in Dublin and neighbouring areas. With our reliable services, you’ll have peace of mind because all problems are addressed before they become safety hazards. Fireplace restoration and repairs are no small tasks. But the great thing about hiring professional like us is that we have different approaches in addressing each fireplace damage. We can provide efficient solutions that are based on our deep understanding of natural stone fireplaces. We are specialized in damage repairs to the structure of the Fireplace and Fireplace Restoration.

Our services includes: Fireplaces Repair and Restoration, Fireplace Polishing and Cleaning, Fireplace Sealing, Fireplace Hearth Repolishing and Stain Removal, Brass Parts Polishing, Cleaning and repainting of Cast Iron, Fireplace Expansion Joints, Impact Damage Repair, Re-curving, Re-edging, Fireplace Re-polishing, Fireplace Chip Repair, Fireplace Hearth Repair, Fireplace loosen parts repairs or resetting, Fireplace Joints cleaning-refilling.
If you have any concerns regarding your fireplace repair, please contact us immediately. We will be happy to visit your property and evaluate your concern before doing any repair or maintenance task.

We have been providing Marble, Quartz and Granite repairs and restoration around Dublin and surrounding counties for the last 16 years, and we have always delivered great results within an affordable budget. Please check our Google reviews for the peace of mind.

fireplace polishing repair restoration

Please be advised that in projects requiring renovating, modernising or upgrading your fireplace, kitchen worktop etc. with adding the new or extra stone pieces we will do whatever we can to match the stone colour to your existing pieces as close as possible. But please be aware that each slab of natural stone is unique so the new pieces might differ in shade or pattern due to the place of origin, different batch, stone age etc. Therefore we cannot guarantee an identical match. But we will always ask for your approval before commencing the required works and present you with stone samples or, in some cases, the pictures of the available stone slab.